• Energy
    EMS - Energy Diagnosis and Management System
    ZEB Evaluation Tool - Zero Energy Building(ZEB) Performance Evaluation
    CE3-BEDS - Integrated Building Energy Diagnosis System
  • ICT
    P2P Power Trading - Power Trading and Energy Management
    Public System - Blockchain-based Public Administration Platform,
            Donation Management System(PoC)
    OTOR Platform - Blockchain-based IoT Security Technology

Energy Sector

Based on our successful R&D achievements, we are pioneering to provide optimized energy related solutions, including integrated energy management system, zero-energy building evaluation tools, and building energy diagnosis system.

  • Integrated Energy Management System(xEMS)
  • Performance Evaluation of Zero-Energy Building
  • Integrated Building Energy Diagnosis System

ICT Sector

From small-sized buildings to smart cities, we develop and provide key solutions with convergence of ICT including real-time automatic collection of energy and environment data (IoT), storage (Cloud), and analysis/diagnosis (Big Data) for efficiency of performance. Also, we are expanding our technological area to blockchain, developing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) power trading system and more.

  • Energy Management and Trading Technology
  • Blockchain-based Public Administration System
  • Blockchain Platform